Coffee & Convos: 2023 Past Events

A listing of past Coffee & Convos from 2023!

Did you miss out on our moms group? Email and let us know about a speaker or topic you'd like us to bring back! 


Wednesday, January 4: No guest speaker.

Join us for coffee and treats!

Wednesday, January 11: Kathy Simon

Speech Language Pathologist with Alberta Therapy Co

Speech and language for 3 to 4 year olds

Tuesday, January 17: Shari Candy

Sleep Consultant with Sleep Tight Consultants

Toddler sleep for 1 to 3 year olds

Wednesday, January 18: Mackenzie Poirier

Massage Therapist with Nest Integrative Wellness

Infant massage therapy

Tuesday, January 24: TBA

Wednesday, January 25: Celine Sandberg


Helping women find ways to improve their relationship with their hormones and menstrual cycle through all seasons of life.

Tuesday, January 31: Mandy Rempfer-Kuncio

Physiotherapist, Doula & Health Coach with Nurture Her

Pelvic floor and postpartum challenges


Wednesday, February 1: Kelsey Wittebolle

Registered Psychologist with Pine Integrated Health Centre

Let's talk about being a mom! The guilt, the expectations, how we feel, and how being a mother can differ so wildly from what society says it should be like. I would like to open up a space to discuss and share real experiences of motherhood, and in the process validate our experiences.

Tuesday, February 7: Courteney Dennett

The Mama Coach & Labour and Delivery Nurse

Courteney will answer all your labour and delivery questions, share tips on how to advocate for yourself during labour and share the answers to her most frequently asked labour and delivery questions!

Wednesday, February 8: No guest speaker. We are looking for a replacement guest speaker.

We will still have coffee and a place for moms to gather!

(RESCHEDULED DUE TO ILLNESS: Jeff & George Greekas Edmonton Gracie Jiu-Jitsu. Learn self defence with instructors from Edmonton Gracie Jiu-Jitsu.)

Tuesday, February 14: No guest speaker

Wednesday, February 15Courteney Dennett

The Mama Coach & Labour and Delivery Nurse

Courteney will answer all your labour and delivery questions, share tips on how to advocate for yourself during labour and share the answers to her most frequently asked labour and delivery questions!

Tuesday, February 21: Andrea Merino

Sleep Consultant & NICU Nurse with Sleeping Beautiezzz

Learn about Baby Sleep for littles ages 0 - 12 months.

Wednesday, February 22: Grace Pastuck

Babywearing Educator and Doula with Graceful Birth Doula

Benefits of having a Babywearing Routine (plus bring your carriers for a professional fit check!)

Tuesday, February 28: Lisa Thompson

The Mama Coach

Potty Training



Wednesday, March 1: Lauren Calleja

Doula with Beautiful Blessings Birth Services

Q&A session on breast/chest feeding older babies and how to introduce solids to the breast/chest fed infant.

Tuesday, March 7: Krista Yaskiw

Addictions Counsellor and Life & Relationship Coach with Krista Yaskiw Coaching

Mommy Drinking Culture: Facts & Alternative. #winemom might be a running joke, but the impacts are anything but. We'll discuss the increasing trends of drinking culture for moms in an open, non-judgmental way. We'll also talk about alternative coping strategies to help deal with the stress and isolation of parenthood.

Wednesday, March 8: Chantel McEvoy

Registered Psychologist with Reframed Psychology


Tuesday, March 14: Jenna Kolesar

Nourish & Nurture

Postpartum planning and support

Wednesday, March 15Mandy Rempfer-Kuncio

Physiotherapist, Doula and Health Coach with Nurturance Health

How to know if your pelvic floor is okay after pregnancy and birth. And the most common challenges that come up after having a baby.

Tuesday, March 21: Jill

TV Producer and Playground Enthusiast with Edmonton Playgrounds

Learn about how Jill started Edmonton Playgrounds! Get tips on how to get outside with babies and toddlers, her top 3 playgrounds, and so much more.

Wednesday, March 22: No guest speaker

Join us for coffee and chat with moms!

Friday, March 24: Teela Tomassetti

Registered Provisional Psychologist with The Tea on Birth Trauma

Tuesday, March 28: Alyssa Newman, Registered Nurse

Postpartum Depression & Anxiety

When your dream becomes your worst nightmare. Told from Alyssa's own personal experience.

Wednesday, March 29: Alyssa Newman, Registered Nurse

Postpartum Depression & Anxiety

When your dream becomes your worst nightmare. Told from Alyssa's own personal experience.

Special treats by B's Bakery @bbakeryyeg on Wednesday morning!



Tuesday, April 4: Isabel Nagrete, Yoga Instructor

Pre Natal Yoga, Breathwork & Meditation and the benefits of this practice to prepare for Labour & Delivery.

Bring a mat, partners are welcome! We will do some gentle movements and a meditation.

Wednesday, April 5: Rachel Quong, Mental Health Therapist & Occupational Therapist

Anxiety in Young Children

Learn about how anxiety presents in young children, the cycle of avoidance, and ways to begin helping your little one!

B's Bakery will be providing treats for moms and littles on Wednesday, April 5th. Come and enjoy chocolate cupcakes, spice cake, and coconut macaroons!


Wednesday, April 12Taming Tantrums

Rachel Quong, Mental Health Therapist & Occupational Therapist

Build your parenting skills "toolbox" in understanding, preventing, and responding to big emotions in young children. Explore ways to support emotional regulation and gain introductory tools in limit setting and effective communication.

April 19: Cycle Charting (Fertility Awareness)

Chloe Skerlak, Fertility Awareness Educator

Cycle charting, also called fertility awareness, is a form of body literacy that can help you achieve or prevent pregnancy without synthetic hormones or medical intervention, monitor or improve your health, and get to know yourself better! In this talk, we'll discuss the what, why, and how of cycle charting, the healthy parameters of a menstrual cycle, and how to know when your period is coming!

Chloe will be livestreamed on Instagram Live @thefourthca 10:30AM

April 26: Slow Fashion

Sameera Bhatia, Co-Owner of Bear Threads and Registered Dental Hygienist

Come learn about the Bear Threads Society. It's a clothing trading system for your kiddos where you can use what you already have for them to get what they can use now. Rather than constantly buying and dishing out more money for new, great quality items, we want you to think Slow Fashion. Moms, Sameera and Kemi will discuss how they got started, their career ventures, and how they turned their passion for fashion into an environmental asset.

Sameera will be livestreamed on Instagram Live @thefourthca 10:30AM



May 3Mother's Day Photos

Suzi Buhiire, Littles Photographer with Suzi Buhiire Photography

Come hang out and get a photo taken with your little(s).

May 10: Baby and Me Yoga

Isabel Negrete, Yoga Instructor with Breathe YEG

Moving back into your body & reconnecting with yourself through breath. We will do gentle movement, breathwork & learn why is important to connect with your new body & find a village to hold space for you.

Bring a mat. 

Isabel will be livestreamed on Instagram Live @thefourthca 10:30AM

May 17Positive Discipline

Mia Aguilar, Certified Positive Discipline Parent Educator with Sophia Rose Montessori

Learn about positive discipline for parents and caregivers.

Mia will be livestreamed on Instagram Live @thefourthca 10:30AM

May 24: TBA

Tracey Silliker, Professional Organizer and Organizational Accountability Coach with Calm the Chaos

May 31Postpartum Nutrition

Jenna Kolesar, Postpartum Planning & Support with Nourish & Nurture

How to plan to nourish yourself in the fourth trimester.



June 7: Treats and Chill

Come and hang out with moms!

Deluxe Mobile Playscapes will be bringing a ball pit, mats and foam blocks for littles to play with!

No guest speaker today, but we'll have coffee and treats! 

June 14: Q&A with Lisa Thompson

*** Dr. Alda Ngo is unable to make it due to personal circumstances and will be rescheduled for a future date. Lisa Thompson will be coming on June 14. ***


Dr. Alda Ngo, Acupuncturist with Whole Family Health

Join Dr. Alda for an immersive & experiential workshop on mindfulness for early childhood parenting. Parents face so many challenges, difficulties and pressures during parenting - especially when caring for children in early childhood. Research shows that mindful parenting interventions improve parent-child relationships, reduce child symptoms and promote healthy child development.

Alda will be livestreamed on Instagram Live @thefourthca 10:30AM 

June 21: In-Laws

Chantel McEvoy, Registered Psychologist with Reframed Psychological

Join us and chat about all things in-laws! Family vacations, holidays, comments about parenting.

Bring your questions!

June 28: Preparing For Your Second Birth & Baby

Chantal Eder, Childbirth Educator/Pre & Post natal yoga teacher with Chantal Eder Birth Smarter

Even when you have done it before preparing for the second time round can bring up a lot of feelings and questions. Come talk through your options when it comes to your 2nd birth experience and postpartum with a toddler at home.



July 5Treats and Chill

Come and hang out with moms! No guest speaker today, but we'll have coffee and treats!

DeLuxe Mobile Playscapes will be bringing hoppers, blocks and a small climbing piece for littles to play with!

July 12: Detoxify Your Home

Dr. Christina Pistotnik, Acupuncturist with Whole Family Health

Join us and learn how you can detoxify your home. Learn how you can make easy modifications to common daily household consumables like water, food or household products to protect your family from unnecessary exposure to harmful toxins and support their general wellbeing.

July 19Common baby health myths

Dr. Stephanie Liu, Doctor and founder of By Dr Mom

Learn about common baby health myths with Stephanie!

July 26Building Blocks

Avneet Longowal & Kayla Gasirabo, Speech Language Pathologists with Mosaic Speech Therapy

An introduction to early intervention in speech-language pathology.



Aug 2Treats and Chill

Come and hang out with moms! No guest speaker today, but we'll have coffee and treats!

DeLuxe Mobile Playscapes will be bringing a ball pit, hoppers, blocks and a small climbing piece for littles to play with!

Aug 9: Treats & Chill - No Guest Speaker 


Prevent and Reduce Stress with Acupressure

Dr. Catherine Woodlock, Acupuncturist with Whole Family Health

Learn some hands-on acupressure that you can use at home to support yourself and your loved ones in dealing with general stress. Acupressure is a safe and easy way to help prevent & reduce stress as well as the negative impacts of stress.

Aug 16: Coffee & Play

Deluxe Mobile Playscapes will be bringing toys to play with!

Aug 23: Infants & Eyes

Dr. Brendon Bjarnason, Optometrist with Specsavers

Any and all vision or eye health-related questions answered.



Sept 6: Choosing Childcare

Asha Thomas, Doula and Family Wellness Consultant with Asha Thomas Yoga and Wellness

Learn all about how to choose childcare with Asha!

We will be livestreaming Asha's talk on Instagram @thefourthca starting 10:30AM

Sept 13Postpartum Depression & Anxiety

Melanie Robinson, Naturopathic Doctor with Naturally Inclined Health

Join Mélanie who will share her story. Learn about valuable blood tests to help you and health tips from a Naturopathic Doctor who has suffered from this herself. 

Sept 20: Q&A

Dr. Stephanie Liu, Doctor and founder of Life of Dr Mom and By Dr Mom

Stephanie will be doing a Q&A. Ask all your questions! Stephanie is a family doctor and has a background in nutrition. She's also the founder of the Life of Dr Mom, a resource of moms, as well as businesses By Dr Mom and Pomme MD.

We will be livestreaming Stephanie's talk on Instagram @thefourthca starting 10:30AM

Sept 27: Maternal Mental health

Malisa Morris, Mental Health Therapist with Nest Integrative Wellness

Malisa will be sharing tips on what you can do to help with your mental health!


Amanda is not able to come due to personal circumstances. We will still be having our moms group!

Amanda Davey, LPN and Certified Car Seat Technician with Mama Bear Play Club

Everything you need to know about car seat safety. Amanda will give tips on how to prepare for winter and keeping your baby safe and warm in their car seats.



Oct 4Unlocking Your Child's Potential

Sarah Tso, Registered Nurse and owner of The Play Shelf

Join Our Montessori-Inspired Workshop and Learn to Create an Enriched Environment for Your Babies and Toddlers!

Oct 11: The Invisible Work of Moms

Krista Yaskiw, Addictions Counsellor and Life & Relationship Coach with Krista Yaskiw Coaching

If you are feeling overwhelmed by the mental load of motherhood and running your house you are NOT alone! During this session we will discuss the invisible work of moms and learn a time- and anxiety-saving system that offers a completely new way to divvy up chores and responsibilities.

Oct 18: Restore Your Core

Natasha Dancause, Restore Your Core®️ Teacher with Body & Soul Alignment

Have you been wondering what happened to your body since giving birth? Why does no one talk about leaking and all the “things” we SHOULD be talking about. Restore Your Core®️ will help you understand your body in a way you never did before.

We will be livestreaming Natasha's talk on Instagram @thefourthca starting 10:30AM 

Oct 25: Postpartum Fertility & Infertility

Crisia Tabacaru, Fertility Support Practitioner & Fertility Awareness Method Educator with Cycle and Flow

Postpartum fertility can be tricky to understand, but it's possible to use fertility awareness to detect your first ovulation and predict your first period. Crisia will chat about postpartum return of fertility, how breastfeeding affects fertility, tips for conceiving again, and support for secondary infertility.



Nov 1: Estate Planning

Janaia Fedor, Lawyer with BARR LLP

Join us for a thoughtful discussion about estate planning! We aim to ensure you and your loved ones have peace of mind knowing your intentions are clear.


Nov 8: Car Seat Safety

Amanda, LPN and Certified Car Seat Technician with Mama Bear Play Club

Amanda will cover car seat safety and best practice for car seats from infant seats to boosters. How to dress your child in their seat heading into this cold weather and more!


Nov 15: Make A Registry

Get your Christmas wish list started and add everything you want. We'll be there to answer all your questions on products you're interested in. Get help finding the perfect gifts for your little one, family and friends!


Nov 22: Mom Guilt

Ana Hrincu, Social Worker with Nest Integrative Wellness

Talking about mommy guilt with Ana!


Nov 29: Navigating Stress

Chantel McEvoy, Registered Psychologist with Reframed Psychological

Navigating the stress of the holidays.



Dec 6: Fibre for Postpartum Health and Well-Being

Nataly Lopez, Food Scientist with Sunny Boy Foods

Why is fibre important for postpartum health and well-being? Join Nataly as she talks about the importance of fibre.


Dec 13: Overcoming Adversity

Georgia Miller, Author and Owner of Mindful Brunette

We’re talking about Overcoming Adversity. Georgia will be speaking about building a new identity after severe postpartum injury.

Dec 20: Create A Calming Home

Pria Rajput, Owner of Black Label Designs

Decorating for the holidays, how to create a calming home.


Dec 27: Book Reading

Alejandra Pena, Children's Author, Digital Nomad and Co-Owner of Kleopatra Consulting Inc


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