In Store Events & Workshops

Our mission is to build our community by opening our shop for in store events and workshops. We believe in providing a warm, welcoming space for our community. 

Join us for in store events and workshops led by local Edmonton makers! We support women owned small businesses by provide a free venue.

Are they free?

We have both free and paid events and workshops. Please click on the photos for each event to learn more.

Do I have to be a mom?

No! Our events and workshops to open to everyone.

We do have events that are tailored for moms. We advocate for maternal mental health and have a free weekly moms group, plus a number of other events like fitness for moms.

You can learn more about our story on why it's important to support our mom community here

Can I still shop if there is an ongoing event?

Yes! Our shop is open to the public for shopping during events and workshops.

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Do you have a question about our workshops and events? Email Iris at


We believe in supporting our community and offer a FREE venue for workshops and events. If you are interested in hosting your workshop or event at The Fourth, please contact Iris at