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Support The Fourth

Support The Fourth and Our Mom Community

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Thank you for the overwhelming response of support for The Fourth and Coffee & Convos moms group!

This support page came about because a number of moms have specifically asked how they could help because

"If The Fourth closes, we'll lose our moms group!"

I've created this Support The Fourth page for those who want to contribute directly to The Fourth. Every dollar you give, goes directly to help The Fourth stay in business.

A large part of what we do directly helps our mom community. Your money helps pay for the resources we need to keep moms group going every week. More than that, your support impacts events we do outside of Coffee & Convos! Trust me, there's lots more coming!!!

I greatly appreciate every mom who has spoken about the impact our store and our community has on their lives. Thank you so much for all your kind words and understanding of how much work goes into planning every single moms group.

Because I am a small business, this is not a charitable donation and you will not receive a tax receipt.



Why start a moms group?

I've always wanted to help moms and I've always wanted better for moms. When I opened in Southgate, I thought it would be awesome to have a moms group. The problem? I couldn't figure out the logistics and I was a retail store, not a community league.

I remember talking to a mom who didn't have any support. She had a baby, no job, no car, and no family in town. And she told me,

"Iris, everyone talks about this village. But where is this village?"

And I knew I had to do something.

It was mid-July 2021 and I started emailing and sending DMs to potential guest speakers. Sharing with them a vision I had of a moms group, of a community for moms starting in two weeks. By August, I had my first guest speaker booked! The rest of the month soon filled up and it wasn't long until we were booked for the rest of the year!

Who are the guest speakers?

Guest speakers are experts in their field, who are knowledgable and passionate about what they do. They share the same mission and vision as me in wanting better for moms and advocating for moms and their littles.

While many of our guest speakers are in healthcare, I bring in a number of moms and other experts to share their experience and knowledge at Coffee & Convos.

Why maternal mental health?

You might hear me mention this (mostly on social media). I love advocating for maternal mental health!

From my own experience with postpartum anxiety, I would not wish another mom to go through what I went through. If I can help just one mom, all this is worth it!

Motherhood is lonely and isolating. My hope is for Coffee & Convos to be a place where moms feel safe and comfortable to meet new friends and find community.



Shop, shop, and shop

The Fourth is a mom-owned small business and, honestly, the best way to support is to shop. You'll be helping my small shop and also supporting our community of 90+ women-owned businesses!

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