Why Is My Baby's Eczema Worse in the Summer?

Why Is My Baby's Eczema Worse in the Summer?

While many of us are relieved the dry winters are ending, many moms are beginning to worry about the eczema flareups coming in the summer.

The summer heat can lead to sweating and worsen eczema in little ones. We've rounded up 7 tips on how to prevent eczema flareups in babies and kids!

Tip #1 Soak up the sweat

Help your baby stay dry throughout the day and wipe away excess sweat. We highly recommend washcloths which can be easily stored in diaper bags, strollers, and cars for on the go use!

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Tip #2 Take a bath

Wash off the sweat and give your baby a bath in cool or lukewarm water. A must have for every bath? The Soothing Bath Treatment helps treat eczema, dry and irritated skin in the summer.

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Tip #3 Hydrate

Keep your baby's skin moisturized with products that will soothe and hydrate. Apply thinner products first and heavier products last to seal in moisture.

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Tip #4 Moisturize

Your baby's skin should be moisturized throughout the day. Travel size products will help with days out of the house and on summer holidays.

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Tip #5 Wear lightweight clothing

Your little one's #OOTD needs an upgrade for summer! With thick, winter layers gone, change over to a summer wardrobe of lightweight and breathable fabrics. Dress your baby in cotton and organic fabrics.


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Tip #6 Stay cool

Sun protection and staying out of direct sunlight are key. Always remember a hat and sunglass to protect your little one's head and prevent seasonal eczema.

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Tip #7 Moisturize again

Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize! If your child has eczema on hands or areas that are frequently washed, remember to moisturize immediately after.

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