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Naetal Skincare

Mama Butter

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The most moisturizing belly butter for pregnancy and postpartum! A clean beauty mama fave with colloidal oatmeal, calendula infused jojoba oil, and Gotu kola infused argan oil to lock in moisture. Made in small batches by Naetal Skincare in Vancouver, Canada.


  • Scent: orange peel

  • 70g

  • Store in a cool, dry area away from sunlight

  • For external use only. Belly butter is not meant to be used as a nipple cream

  • Final sale

  • Made in Canada


“Naetal's belly butter has been quick and super easy to apply in its stick form. I don’t think I can go back with having body butter in jars. It absorbs really well in my skin and leaves a beautiful subtle scent of orange essence, which I absolutely love! I also applying it all over my body! I sleep far more comfortably not waking up with the need to scratch my skin anymore.”

- Isabelle N.

“As for the belly butter, I am OBSESSED! I love that it’s MESS FREE and so easy to apply, even when on the go. It’s so moisturizing and not sticky which is key especially before bed. I also feel good knowing it’s made with simple ingredients so it’s safe for both baby and me. I have super sensitive skin with a history of eczema since I was a little baby and can easily break out in hives/rashes so I tend to be quite hesitant to try out new products unless I know they’re made with simple ingredients - but this one nails it for me!”

- Joyan B.