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Lindsay Penny

In The Clouds Art Print

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 This print is dreamy and soothing.


I’ve been creating art my entire life, though my favourite outlet used to be dance. I’d spend hours each day practicing routines and learning new hula hooping tricks. But things change!

In 2019, I gave birth to my first child via c-section and was forced to rest during my recovery—I couldn’t even walk for 6 weeks, which meant no dancing

Suddenly, my creative outlet was gone, and it affected my mental health, so I started to draw again in hopes of reconnecting with my creative spirit. 

Before long, I was drawing every day and soon after, my passions evolved as I began to create children’s books, exploring my passion for writing as well. Now, 3 years later, art has become my hobby, passion, and business, and I’m so excited to share it with you! 


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