Baby Laptime

We are so excited a new collaboration with Edmonton mom Ralueke Ikejiani-Hayford from Lit & Little!


Details coming this summer.


Join Our Free Lap-Time Sessions

How can reading and singing change your baby’s life? Why should you make time to focus on early literacy with your baby? Let’s explore what the research says.

If you have a little one from birth to age three, this workshop is for you! Please join us for an inclusive baby lap time where we will play with sounds using a book, songs, rhymes, and your little ones as our guides. It is a time for being connected and making connections. You will learn:

  • Why early literacy practices are essential for your little one’s immediate social, emotional, cognitive and physical development, and how early literacy impacts their future well-being.
  • What quick and simple early literacy routines you can easily incorporate into your busy daily schedule, and how they will help your baby develop the language, communication, problem solving and critical thinking skills that make it possible for them to connect with you, the world around them, and themselves.
  • When and how to support your little one to develop the skills to hear and blend the sounds of language, and to recognize and name letters as well as their sounds.