Pre-Order Your Bamboo Leggings

Pre-Order Your Bamboo Leggings

Bamboo Leggings

Top selling Bamboo Leggings are coming back!

These are a mom favourite because of the amazing style and fit. Loved for their comfort, moms come back to get a second or third pair.

Pre-order your Bamboo Leggings and you'll also save 10% on your leggings!

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Once the leggings have arrived in our store (ETA early February), we'll notify you immediately for in store pick up or deliver them based on your purchase.

Billy Eco Leggings

The Billy Eco Leggings are also available for pre-order. If you love the Bamboo Leggings, you'll enjoy these! They have the same style and fit as the Bamboo Leggings. Made with a cotton and bamboo blend in Canada.

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