7 People You Should See When You Want to Manage Motherhood Stress

7 People You Should See When You Want to Manage Motherhood Stress

Do you need help managing motherhood stress?
You're not the only one! A lot of moms feel this way and need help.
This week on our Instagram story, we were asked by a mom for recommendations on who she could see in Edmonton. Here's a round up of all the psychologists and mental health therapists who have spoken at our Coffee & Convos moms group.

1. Kelsey Wittebolle

Kelsey is a Registered Psychologist at Pine Integrated Health Centre. She was our very first guest speaker at moms group! Kelsey talked about Postpartum Mental Health and Coping Strategies. She's also spoken at moms group about Mom Guilt.
Pine Integrated Health Centre
Address: 6720 104 St NW Suite 201, Edmonton
Website: https://pinehealth.ca/
Phone: 587-855-5598
Email: info@pinehealth.ca
Pine Integrated Health has two locations, one in Edmonton and one in Sherwood Park.

2. Chantel McEvoy

Chantel has spoken many times at our moms group. She is a Registered Psychologist. She talked in depth about quick and effective tools to improve communication, connection, and reduce conflict for couples. She's also talked about all things in-laws and navigating the stress of the holidays.
Reframed Psychological
Address: #207 – 6055 Andrews Way
Website: https://reframedpsychological.ca/
Phone: 587-415-6390
Email: infosouth@reframedpsychological.ca
Reframed Psychological has two locations in north and south Edmonton.

3. Teela Tomassetti

Teela is a Registered Provisional Psychologist and talks about birth trauma on her Instagram account The Tea on Birth Trauma. She spilled the tea and answered any and all questions related to birth trauma when she spoke at moms group!
Reproductive and Perinatal Trauma Centre
Address: #210, 1524 91 St SW
Website: https://reproductiveandperinataltraumacentre.janeapp.com/
Phone: 204-960-6351
Email: balanceafterbirthtrauma@gmail.com

4. Malisa Morris

Malisa is a Mental Health Therapist and Registered Social Worker. She talked to our moms about maternal mental health and focusing on little things moms and new parents can do!
Nest Integrative Wellness
Address: 10608 124 Street
Website: https://nestinwellness.com/
Phone: 780-760-6378
Email: info@nestinwellness.com

5. Christina Orobio

Cristina is a Registered Provisional Psychologist. She talked about navigating your own mental health and life's ups and downs as a mom of toddlers and babies.
Hælan Psychology
Address: Suite 201, 9690 182 Street
Website: https://www.haelanpsychology.com
Phone: 587-974-0443
Email: hello@haelanpsychology.com

6. Andrea Pukalo

Andrea is a Registered Psychologist. She spoke about grief after miscarriage with our moms.
Family Life Psychology
Address: #226, 20 Westwind Drive, Spruce Grove
Website: www.familylifewellness.ca
Phone: 780-963-7451
Email: info@familylifewellness.ca

7. Mikyla Cleary

Mikyla is a Registered Psychologist and talked to our moms about self-compassion for parents and embracing your journey.
Solace Psychology 
Address: #205, 2435 90B Street SW
Website: https://solacepsych.ca
Phone: 780-702-1079
Email: hello@solacewellness.ca
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