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4 Ways You Can Support our Mom Community

Did you know every dollar you spend at The Fourth supports a small business and our mom community?

Where you spend your money matters! Because when you shop local, you are supporting families in Edmonton, you employ Edmontonians and you're helping our moms.

1. Shop Local

The Fourth is an Edmonton mom owned small business. You'll find products from over 80 Edmonton women owned small businesses at our shop! Many of these businesses are owned by moms and families.

There are so many we had to create an A to Z list of where to find all these amazing local small businesses!

Shop Edmonton small business from A to Z




2. Donate to Moms Group

Our mission to help moms from the first to the fourth trimester! The Fourth started as part of my motherhood journey with postpartum anxiety.

Coffee & Convos, our free weekly moms group, started because of the need for community. New moms kept asking, "Where's this village everyone talks about?" And we knew we had to do something!

Every week we are advocating for maternal mental health! Read the full story on how our moms group came to be or donate in the link below.

Donate to Coffee & Convos Moms Group

3. Buy A Gift Card

Give the gift of choice! If you want to support local and want to give a gift they'll love, purchase an e-gift card from The Fourth.

It's simple and you can gift to anyone in Canada. The digital gift card allows you to send the gift card across the country.

Our shop is located in Southgate Centre in Edmonton, Alberta. And we also deliver across Canada!

Shop The Fourth E-Gift Cards



4. Bring Your Family, Friends & Neighbours

We appreciate every time you tell someone about our shop, share on social media and write a positive Google review!

What will make the biggest difference is bringing them to our shop to support local!

If you're planning on starting your holiday shopping, looking for stocking stuffers, making a Christmas wish list or starting a baby registry.

Set a date and have your family, friends or neighbours meet at The Fourth.

How to Find Our Shop

What Else Can You Do?

Because we believe in supporting small businesses, we don't make a dime from hosting events or workshops. Any workshop or event is hosted at The Fourth for free.

We've been asked, "Why don't you monetize these events?"

We value the women who bring together our community and host the best workshops and events in our store. Many of these small businesses are starting out just like us! We share a common goal and vision of shaping a beautiful, thriving community!

Every time you join us for a free or paid workshop and event, you are supporting someone we know and love!

We have Fitness Fridays and Movement Mondays to help moms meet other moms and get a workout. Baby friendly and boosts our mental and physical health!

Our workshops supporting new parents! You'll find monthly events like Infant CPR, Introduction to Solids, Mastering Maternal Joy and more!

Learn more about our in store events at The Fourth

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