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Naetal Skincare

Oat & calendula bath

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Relieve dry, itchy skin with a soothing bath soak. Calms and softens skin using colloidal oatmeal and organic calendula for moms and babies! Made in small batches by Naetal Skincare in Vancouver, Canada.


  • Unscented

  • 50g

  • Store in a cool, dry area away from sunlight

  • Final sale

  • Made in Canada


“We’ve been using the bath soak every night for the past 4 days and putting on the baby butter afterwards and throughout the day when needed. His flare up has almost gone down completely. I love how the bath soak leaves his skin extremely moisturized even before applying his moisturizer and the baby butter does not leave his face feeling greasy. I am so happy with the results so far and cannot wait to see how much it’ll help his skin in the long run. As a mother all you want is your baby to be comfortable and not in pain and Naetal skincare was that relief we were looking for.”

— Michelle H.