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Eucalypt Co

Eucalyptus Shower Bundle

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Create a spa experience in your own bathroom with a Eucalypt Co. Shower Bundle. This bundle brings an aromatic experience to relieve stress and tension, clear congestion, rejuvenate your breathing. As the steam from the shower releases the oils within the stems, your shower experience will be redefined. 

Eucalyptus shower bundles are made using organically preserved eucalyptus from Europe and Asia. Preserved eucalyptus has been selected over fresh simply because it lasts longer and maintains its beauty even once its scent is diminished. Preserved bundles do not wilt or crumble, they maintain a soft leaf and can be used as decor when you’re finished with it in your shower. Please note: due to the eucalyptus being a natural product, there can be significant variation in the look, color, leaf size, etc of each stem. Shower bundles come with a twine strand for securing to the shower head. Classic bundles are 18 inches in length.
Proven benefits of eucalyptus 
- respiratory relief
- assists with clearing congestion 
- boosts immunity 
- pain relief (ex., headache relief)
here’s a link to more info with sources: benefits of eucalyptus oil 
Information and Directions:
Dried eucalyptus has a long lifespan in a dry environment. If used in high humidity its lifespan is 1 to 2 months.
Colour may bleed in high humidity
The aroma will fade over time.
Not for outdoor use.
For use in the shower:
Do not soak stems in water. Do not hang directly in the flow of water. Squeeze or roll stems (I.e., with a shampoo bottle) to release a stronger scent. The steam of the shower will naturally release a subtle aroma so squeezing is optional. Allow your bundle to dry between use. Stems will not mold or become musty if these directions are followed.


Eucalypt Co. is an Edmonton, Alberta based event and home decor company specializing in versatile, long lasting, and affordable decor. Their mission is to provide beautiful and versatile decor. Eucalypt Co. sources products that are beautiful, affordable, and long lasting. With the goal to enable you to be able to use and reuse your decor items. Eucalyptus is one of the most versatile florals, it can be styled for every season. The goal is to reduce the amount of ultra temporary decor that enters the homes of our community to be used for a season and ultimately end up in a landfill. 

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